Can you win the mighty battle that is.... STARING CONTEST 360

Can you win the mighty battle that is…


You Blink, You Die.

A 360 Experience that will test your awkwardness receptors and anxiety glands. Put on your headphones, have a seat and see if you can control your physical essence. 


(An R&D test for brand new ad agency TRAINROBBER, where I was tasked with pushing technical and storytelling boundaries only possible in VR. Boundaries like: psychological projection, immersive comfort bubble destruction, establishing & destroying expectations patterns, practical + CG effects in a stereoscopic environment and beyond! It was hell on Earth to figure out, but isn't that what life is?)


(P.S. the greatest bummer of 360 and VR is that I have to say this: It really only works if you are watching in 3d on a high end VR system, thus making it a crisp 4k, immersive, realistic experience that tricks your brain into thinking this nightmare is in fact really happening to you <3)