How fast can a super crazy commercial be made?

An interesting phenomenon has come up lately. 3 times this year, 3 different friends have come up to me in need of IMPOSSIBLY FAST turnaround. 

"Can you write, direct, edit, do post and upload a project in less than 4 hours and with no actual equipment?" 

Always down for a challenge and always happy to be a disgusting workaholic while hanging out with friends, here are the results. While my team and I usually get painstakingly obsessed with story / mood / visual polish, it is fun to throw all that out the window in the name of an impossible deadline. 

1) OVERWATCH- the most popular video game on Earth happens to be voiced by my good buddy Josh. Here he is opening a box full of clothing based on his character. It got 19k views in 5 minutes. 

2) High Fructose Magazine needed something ridonkulus for their upcoming game. 

3) Buddydude Artistman Alex Pardee needed an unboxing thingy.