Gift for Gianna: A mother's love in moving picture form

Sad thing alert. 

A few months back, I was asked to make a short documentary about Aisa, a mother who has been battling cancer for 7 years. The intention was to leave something beautiful for her daughter to watch down the line. A "mother's love transmuted into a movie" sort of magical video piece. 

We shot a quick interview, planning to film much more. Circumstances arose, preventing the rest of the shoot from taking place.

Her health recently got much worse, so I decided to make due with what little footage we had, doing my damnedest to express authentic motherly joy from the screen and into the minds of anybody watching. Below is the project, which is also being used to promote Aisa's GOFUNDME, which will help medical bills and leave little Gianna an education fund. 



How fast can a super crazy commercial be made?

An interesting phenomenon has come up lately. 3 times this year, 3 different friends have come up to me in need of IMPOSSIBLY FAST turnaround. 

"Can you write, direct, edit, do post and upload a project in less than 4 hours and with no actual equipment?" 

Always down for a challenge and always happy to be a disgusting workaholic while hanging out with friends, here are the results. While my team and I usually get painstakingly obsessed with story / mood / visual polish, it is fun to throw all that out the window in the name of an impossible deadline. 

1) OVERWATCH- the most popular video game on Earth happens to be voiced by my good buddy Josh. Here he is opening a box full of clothing based on his character. It got 19k views in 5 minutes. 

2) High Fructose Magazine needed something ridonkulus for their upcoming game. 

3) Buddydude Artistman Alex Pardee needed an unboxing thingy. 




Can you win the mighty battle that is.... STARING CONTEST 360

Can you win the mighty battle that is…


You Blink, You Die.

A 360 Experience that will test your awkwardness receptors and anxiety glands. Put on your headphones, have a seat and see if you can control your physical essence. 


(An R&D test for brand new ad agency TRAINROBBER, where I was tasked with pushing technical and storytelling boundaries only possible in VR. Boundaries like: psychological projection, immersive comfort bubble destruction, establishing & destroying expectations patterns, practical + CG effects in a stereoscopic environment and beyond! It was hell on Earth to figure out, but isn't that what life is?)


(P.S. the greatest bummer of 360 and VR is that I have to say this: It really only works if you are watching in 3d on a high end VR system, thus making it a crisp 4k, immersive, realistic experience that tricks your brain into thinking this nightmare is in fact really happening to you <3)